Welcome to Hospitality Sustainability Resources, LLC (HSR)!
HSR works with restaurant and foodservice companies to:
  • quickly achieve 3rd-party "green" certification for your restaurant or foodservice business
  • successfully plan and develop environmentally sustainable businesses
  • build new capabilities and competitive advantage through strategic sustainability efforts
  • assess opportunities and achieve substantial return on investment
  • track and measure environmental performance
  • customize consulting services to meet your exact needs
See the highlights below or click on our Services link to learn more about the services we provide.
 Get Certified Now!
Green restaurant certification is necessary to separate the truly sustainable restaurants from the "green washers" with third-party credibility. 
Sustainable Menus that Work
Incorporating the right sustainable ingredients to build sales and increase profitability.
Track and Measure Your Environmental Performance
Making sure that you are continually improving requires measurement and systems to track your efforts and results.
Planning Green Events
All aspects of an event are areas for greening - catering, meetings, transportation, etc.
Strategies for Success
Green business practices are now required to be relevant and stay competitive.  Build them into your plan.
Employees That Make it Happen
Regular training ensures your employees understand and maintain your new sustainability standards.
Customized Solutions for your Green Restaurant
Helping you find new ways to take advantage of your sustainability efforts will increase business and keep you ahead of the competition.
Speaking Engagements
Presenting and discussing the challenges with moving forward with green restaurants is always an entertaining topic.  Call or email with your needs.
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